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  Delight & Be

As the idea of The Shift became a reality we knew we had to find a way to not only provide a platform that would foster life changing experiences but that could enable us to give back to others whose core values align so beautifully with ours. Immediately our hearts and minds turned to a Non Profit designed to inspire and uplift the most delicate and powerful of souls, our young women. This organization is so appropriately named, Delight and Be.

Delight and Be is a Non Profit organization funded completely by individuals who believe in their message and mission. Delight and Be is an international community of young women, who have soulfully committed to serve, mentor, and lift one another all while developing their own divinely given gifts and talents. Their mission is to provide a place of authentic community for these young women rooted in faith and designed to inspire, aid, and provide countless opportunities in the creative arts genre. This community is a safe, inspiring, and positive environment where these young women can cultivate relationships and master skills that will establish a guiding sense of hope for the future.

We are so blessed and honored to name Delight and Be our charity sponsor for The Shift. 10% of all proceeds from The Shift will be donated to further help Delight and Be carry out their inspiring mission. We hope to emulate their light as we continue with our pursuits to be authentically and shamelessly devoted to God.