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  • Do you need clients, not just more followers?
  • Are you sick of comment pods and the follow/un-follow game?
  • Want clients to see you even when you aren’t living online?
  • Do you find yourself struggling to market you’re business?
  • Not sure how to find clients, reach the right clients, get clients to hire you for what your worth, or how to get your current clients to send you more clients just like them?
  • Do you find marketing confusing, stressful, and overwhelming?
  • Do you hear people sharing ways to get more fans and followers, but then leave you hanging when it comes to actually getting all those fans and followers to hire you?
  • Are you tired of feeling like you have to post and plugged in all the time to have any results?

If you answered yes to any of these questions…then let me tell you the #1 question that I get asked my coaching students and clients:

"How can I find ideal clients and actually get them to hire me, not just follow me?”

Having been in business for over a decade I have seen a lot happen in marketing strategies over the years. Things that work, things that don’t, and things that are nothing more than a huge waste of time! Marketing my business just so happens to be one of the things I do best! For the last three years, we have had on average 700+ inquiries a year. I feel so blessed to have started my career with a marketing degree and years in advertising to give me the advantage I would need to jump-start my marketing and get the momentum going to build my business. It’s not just about throwing things out there and hoping they will stick. I want you to be able to reach your ideal clients and get results, aka paying clients! And most importantly, I want you to be able to have a well represented brand across lots of platforms and be able to do it in less time! The less time is huge for me…because let’s be honest we all need things to be more effective in less time.


Finding the best approach was absolutely key, because honestly teaching marketing isn’t a one-hour “solve all your problems” magic webinar. There is a lot to discuss and cover and learn. Anyone who tells you differently is just trying to sell you their latest gimmick. And along with learning, you also need follow up and someone to bounce your ideas off of as you are curating and polishing your marketing approach and messages. Well I finally got it all together in a way I am super excited about! And to make it even better I have two options for you so you can choose the approach that works best for you!



  • Knowing where you are at in your business and where you should start with marketing.
  • Understanding who you are trying to reach and what you need to say to get them to hire you.
  • How to create a marketing plan and even more importantly, how to make it successful and manageable.
  • Simplifying your message so you are being seen, instead of just becoming another person adding to the garbage of social media.
  • Defining your Ideal Client and your brand.
  • The simple recipe for creating life-long clients who become evangelists for your business.
  • Creating a client experience that wows your clients and keeps them coming back and sending their friends and family.
  • Knowing how much you should be investing in marketing. Yep, some marketing resources are free, but not everything can be done for no cost.
  • The #1 element missing from all marketing, and business strategies, and how you can integrate it into yours to ensure success.
  • The step-by-step process to creating a balanced marketing plan for ultimate results.
  • How to actually be consistent in marketing…even when you are busy!
  • My simplified system for blogging, website, and SEO success.
  • The tools your website needs to actually attract and engage clients.
  • Instagram / Pinterest / Facebook / Twitter / Periscope / Snapchat
  • The two tactics online marketers use that actually work perfect for a creative based business.
  • Networking and how to make it work for you to bring you clients…not just people constantly asking for free services.
  • What you need to do to participate in Styled Shoots and Collaborations that are actually worth your time.
  • Utilizing giveaways and promos in the right way.
  • Creating Client Newsletters that your clients will actually read.
  • My entire referral program from start to finish. What I say, when I say it, and how I get clients that I love to send me their friends and family.
  • How to get published every single time!
  • Analyzing your results and knowing what is working for you!
  • A step-by-step breakdown of exactly how I market and what my marketing plan looks like and how I do it all in much less time

Abbey Kyhl
Abbey Kyhl

Hey there! I am Abbey.I started in business a decade ago when I opened my own photography studio, AK Studio & Design. I was just like so many others out there. I struggled to figure out how to run a profitable, effective business that made me happy and wasn’t a burden on my family.

Have you ever felt that way? Do you stay up long after everyone else has gone to bed? Do you entertain your kids with technology so you can sneak work in? I have been there and I know how that makes us feel as both business owners and parents and it isn’t good.

We all started these businesses to be a BENEFIT to our families, right? But it’s really easy for that dream to get lost in the details of doing the work. It took a lot of hard work but I finally figured it all out and grew my business from a one-woman hustle to a thriving team. I was able to put all my business degree skills to the ultimate test.

And now with my team at Seven Summers Creative we are helping even more of you do that exact thing!


The Marketing Lab

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